About Saturn Nein 2016

Saturn Nein, a one person band formed by Nick Physick in 2002. In 2004, he gathered support under the name S3N9. Saturnnein.com was originally hosted as a band website which later grew into a webbased community website where users were able to post or embed data into a personal homepage or profile. By doing so this Gives more of a personal feeling to registered users. They can post topics through a profile where other users or friends who are connected to the profile can keep in touch. We also allow free advertising of yourself or your project. Contruction on this profile is limitless based on your idea.

The Saturn Nein website is the main source for all hosting information regarding Nick Physick. The news, the event calendar, music, chat room, profiles, and links section are just some of what can be found on http://www.saturnnein.com. Saturn Nein is also an audio and video project. The portforlio can be view here. Who is Nick Physick? Nick Physick is a character created under s3n9 and Saturn Nein in which he continues to host videos on Youtube.com


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