Version 2.15

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Whew! And a lot more is still on the way, but here you go...

*Registration is now on front page and in a seperate page instead of the overlay (People were complaining that it would not refresh upon entering data)
*Registration is now only 3 lines instead of 12 for fast a registration process.
*Registration now has captcha to prevent robots.
*User count has been added to front page.
*Users will now receive a "disable account email" if they have not logged in after a month - Users will be warned that their account will be disabled if they do not log in with the allotted time frame. Disabled accounts can be recovered at any time within 3 years via Customer Service Ticket>
*User names are now First and Last names.
*Last name is "Guest" by default and can be changed upon accepting the verification email link.
*Added a status updater on user profiles.
*Added image gallery on user profiles.
*Custom content is lowered to 12 instead of 16 depth.
*User Name Url is now First and Last name Url on user/first-last profiles.

Nick Physick